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A... A...

I'm looking for Roy and Isabella Peters (used to drink in the Royal Arch) - I was friends with Roy until my husband dragged me down to England and I am coming up to Montrose in November and I would love to catch up with them and buy them a drink. Please pass a message to them it's Divvy Livy

Harry Alexander

Eileen Alexander

Todayīs date is 02.02.2007. Hi there. I was born in the Charlton Maternity Home 15.04.1950. I was brought up at Smallbank Farm, Marykirk. Click on my name for my email address. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Iīm looking for Lavina who is and always will be my best freind. Iīve lost her address.



Sinclair Ashman

Would be grateful for any information on anyone with the Ashman surname in the Montrose area around the 1800s. Possibly with links to Jamaica? Thank you.

Ralph Ashmore

I have an old picture of family members posing in a dingy named Four Sisters and marked 218 ME (circa 1920). Is this a Montrose registered boat? Does an owners list still exist?

Eric Barclay

I was born on Rossie Island in 1941 during an Air Raid i'm told. I have a brother Gordon a year younger and 2 sisters. The eldest Elizabeth Wilson of Pert & Wilson fame and the younger sister Isabella Stott of Apple Wynd. I was a plumber with James Findlay I left Montrose in 1963 and moved to Portsmouth England and thereafter travelled all over. I've worked in Ireland, Holland Norway Canada and have been in the USA since 1987. I'm still travelling all over the USA and am currently in Texas working for BP.

Alastair Baxter

VALENTINE is my ancestoral name from Montrose. My Grandmother was called Annie Taylor Valentine born Montrose 28 February 1884, her father James Valentine and mother Elizabeth Robertson Valentine (formerly Ross). Anyone done any family history research on the Valentines of Montrose please get in touch. Many thanks.

Alistair Beaton

Although born in Arbroath, I grew up in Montrose and attended Montrose Academy from 1953 to 1965. Remember with great appreciation many of the teachers from that time especially Rev Tom Long, Miss Barclay etc. Became a cub scout in Miss Clara Durham's pack then an Air Cadet with 2288 squadron. Resulting from the latter experience, I qualified as an Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor / Examiner. Left Montrose in 1965 and have returned for short visits from time to time. Have spend the last 35 years overseas in such places as the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Middle East and Canada. Always loved Montrose and would be happy to hear from anyone who happens to remember me. alistairbeaton@hotmail.com

Stewart Beveridge

2005. We moved to Australia in 1970 and are currently in Queensland, near Brisbane. Strange to think I call Montrose "Home" when I have lived for more than half my life in Australia. Time flies. My wife Peggy and I now have three married and two unmarried 'children', 5 grandchildren. Left the Big Academy in 1953 after 4th year, worked for a year at Lunan Home Farm then went to NOSCA Aberdeen for Agriculture Diploma. Then worked for Andrew Spence at Commiestone before doing Dairying Diploma at Glasgow and Auchincruive. After a year on a farm in Essex, 3 years in the RAF and 7 years with the Scottish Milk Marketing Board in Stranraer decided there must be better weather in Australia and there is. The email address is sbeverid@bigpond.net.au if anybody feels like sending a note, it will be welcome.

Linda Blackburn nee proctor

I am trying to find out information on RAF Montrose where my father Arnold Proctorwas serving as volunteer reserve in FTS 8. 1931 to 1941, when he was discharged due to injury after a raid. He was training to be a rear gunner. There does not seem to be much record of this group. I do know that he went to edzell on the mock drome if i have that correct. My father passed away february this year and cannot ask him details now. Any help wopuld be nice. Thank you

Brooks Bradbury

Grandson of Frances Nelson (dec.) formerly 17 Links Ave., who was married to John Parr (dec.) Would like to know more about them! Brooks.Bradbury@sbcglobal.net

Livinia Bremner

Living in the Lake District - working as a Training Manager for a Youth Work Organisation - if you remember me get in touch it would be nice to catch up.

lesley bricker (nee Hardie)

I was born in 1948, attended Southesk and Montrose Academy. Worked in co-op building society, co-op office, tally ho bar etc married now live in the us. would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I go to Montrose to visit now and then but haven't run into anyone i know except for Eddie. Hi Eddie!

fiona burke

hi to you all. I live in australia. My grandfather William John Reid came out to australia from your beloved montrose. He told me many stories of how the were not aloud to kill animals due to the king and the many stills hidden in the hills to make whisky. I have a photo of him sitting in a vegetable patch when he was young. One day I would like to venture over as he passed away in 1994 at the age of 85.

Andrew Burn

I am trying to find anyone with links to the surname Burn from Montrose. My Great Great Grandfather was called Alexander Burn and was a shipbuilder on the waterfront in the 1800's. He married Jessie Mather in 1836 and they had 9 children. My Great Grandfather was called George Burn and so was my Grandfather. If anyone has any information about Alexander Burn or any of his family please get in touch. June 2006.

Iain Burrage

Anyone ther remember Lizzie Stott or Mary Stott who lived at 65 North Street in the 1940's and 50's. They were my Aunt and Mother respectively. Does anyone remember Jean Hood or Billy Donald who lived there or Mackenzie's shop at top of North Street known as the North Pole. What about Emily Burns who lived at 55North Street. She was my step grandmother. Be interested to hear of anyone who knew such people at that time. Also would be interested to hear about my mother's brother who alledgedly went to New Zealand in the 1930's to escape some family scandal. My mother moved to London but he went to New Zealand - so I was told but cannot find any trace of such a move. If anyone has info would be pleased to hear from them. email is iain.burrage@talk21.com

sheena campbell

i am living in ftance. looking for pam( nee flemming) and gerry

Bill Carnegie

Born in 1930 I had 4 sisters . I worked as a joiner for "Perts" until I joined army in 1950. After 5 years I joined the North Wales police force . I am retired and still living here in Wales. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me .

Douglas Clark

I was born in Montrose in 1977 to John Clark and Lynne Clark (Illingworth). My Grandparents Nettie Clark and Bill Clark (Grandad, I think, worked in the Queen Street Social Club in later years) and Alf & Molly Illingworth (Who used to own, make sweets for and run "Mackies" sweet shop by the Ballhouse) I lived in Montrose all my life until I turned 20 and moved to Dundee, where I have lived for nearly 9 years now (minus a year and a half in Edinburgh). I still get through to Montrose fairly regularly (addmittedlty not so much recent, but this is going to change, I have a daughter who needs to see her Aunt, Uncle and Gradad, not to mention Great-Grandmothers and Great Uncles and Aunts!). It's good to see so many pics of the way things were in my childhood.

Joyce Clarke (nee Petrie)

I was born on Montrose in 1956, went to Southesk school. Emigrated to South Australia 1965. Been back once in 1976/7. Would love to hear from Hebenton family who may remember me from that visit, particularly Yvonne and James. I am married now and have 6 children aged 10-25.

Ally Clyne

Left montrose in 1978,moved to Laurencekirk,then to Cupar.Been in Glenrothes since 1995.Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me,my email is ally@aclyne.wanadoo.co.uk

Karen Cockburn (nee Rutherford)

Forgot to mention my e mail address......it's karencockburn41@hotmail.com......wuld be great to hear from anyone who remembers me...how time moves on !!!!!!!!

kay cooper

I am looking for Beatties,Milne, Wilkies,Kerrs Hamptons and Frames from the Montrose Area from late 1700 to present, The beatties were from the Kinnaber area of Montrose. Thank you.

Gordon Copland

Born in Montrose 1952, lived there till I was 6, again at 8 and returned when I was 17.On and off after that. In Australia the rest of the time with many other Montrosians. Father Ernest mother Anne (nee Burnet).

Neil Cowie

Born in 53 and lived in the High Street then Bridge Street. Went to the Southesk and the Academy. Moved to Dundee then down to London to see the sights. Came back to Dunfermline. Travelled a bit with my work then home to Montrose for a rest. If anyone out there remembers me; feel free to send me a note.

debbie cruickshank

Born in 74 and attended southesk n the academy. Still living here,in rossie island. I have 2 boys. Would love to hear from "soothies" who attended 79-86. When mr manders/mr simpson were both headteachers

debbie cruickshank

hi i still live in montrose with my fiance dave and two sons. i am currently working at lunan care home. I attended southesk primary & the academy many moons ago! would love to hear fae anyone who knows me or my family (louise & harry bro & sis)

sally cundall nee stapleton

hi, my mother Alexandra maud fyfe rae smith/wishart was born in aberdeen 1905 but brought up in montrose, she went to Townhead infants school then North Links school from 1912 to 1919.The women who brought my mother up was a Montrosian herself her name was Louisa Wishart nee Taylor b.1857. 12 North St. also lived at 8 Erskine Rd, 46 Northesk Rd, and Brougham Square.I have never been to Montrose but feel as though I know the place my mother loved so much.If anyone knows of this family would love to hear from you.

Angus Dickson

Hi, I was born in Montrose in 1940. Went to North Links from 1945 - 1952, then the Academy 1952 - 1956. Served apprenticeship at Cov G & T in Brechin. Emigrated to SA in '65. Returned to UK '97. Does anyone have any class photos from the Northy? I have from the Academy (1954).

Anthony (Tony) Dinning

I lived in Montrose from 76 to 1988. Then left for Dundee. I am now in Norway and would love to get in toush with old school friends/ acquaintances. Drop me a line on hotmail toejoed@hotmail.com

Ronnie Doone

I know Roy Peters very well, whoever is asking for him please send an e-mail. love Ron

Margaret Duncan nee Ryan

Went to Southesk Primary from 1963 - 1970 Montrose Academy 1970 - 1974. Have three children oldest 31!!! Still in Montrose wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Would love to hear from old schoolmates

Janie Edlow (Russell)

Hello to all my peeps in Montrose, sending you lot's of love from Virginia Beach :)

siobhan feeney

Go montrosia it rocks!

Alistair ferrie

Failte! I lived and worked in Montrose at the height of the Seabase's prosperity, I now live in the heart of the Trossachs. Having lost touch with many friends (and some Family) I should very much like to rekindle those Family ties and friendships. Alistair Ferrie.

GENA FINDLAY (melville)


Mary Fleming

I was born in Montrose.I went to School at Northlinks,and then the Academy.I worked in the Co-op Emporiam after leaving school,then in Chivers Factory and Van Wernicks Studio.Would be nice if anyone who remembers me would get in touch.

georgetta fleming

left montrose 1971.living manchester area.one daughter at uni.enjoying life. know me.contact me.best to all.

Alice Fossen (nee Burden)

My first class room at the Southesk School was in The Co-op Hall in Lower Balmain Street. Mrs Electravitch was my first teacher. I have stayed in Montrose all my life. I am married and have a son 33 years. I worked at Chivers for 21 years and I am now with Tesco in Montrose. I have a list of people who I remember being in my class and would like to here from them, with the possibility of a reunion. You can e-mail a@fossen786.freeserve.co.uk

Harry Fotheringham

I was Born in Montrose in 1930. I lived on North Esk Road. I attented North Esk school years 35-42 and then from 42-44 I attented the toonie. I moved to Canada in 1951, and still living there with wife, children and grandchildren. 2007

kayleigh fyfe

looking for my family hazel allen, irene tommy grant neil. My name is kayleigh fyfe i have been searching for my family for ages i know my dad james fyfe lived in montrose please some body contact me if you know kayleighfyfe@yahoo.co.uk

Jean-Claude GALLET

In 1845, in France, a Sarah Dempster gave birth to my grandfather. Sarah Dempster was originating in Montrose (born in 1817, daughter of James and Sarah Smith). She had come to France to work as a spinner. Her child was placed at the orphanage and we lose her trace. Can somebody say to me where to find information on the Scot come to work in France? In particular what she could become after 1845 (return to the country? died in France?). Thanks a lot.

jane gammie

Lived in Montrose 77&78 went to the academy. American, with my sister Beth and the parents. trying to find Lynn Sutherland or Roslyn went to MA 77/78/79 e-mail pamnjane@netzero.net

Hazel Gardiner

Attended Southesk Primary '68 - '75 Montrose Academy '75 - '81 Worked as photographer with Van Werninck Studio before moving to Australia in 1988. Currently living in Sydney.

Bob Geddes

Born in Charlton in 1950. Lived in Commerce Street then Christies Lane. Dad, Bruce, worked at Chivers then Glaxo. Mum, Harriet, died in 1988. Went to Soothie 1955 - 1962 then Academy. Army from 1966 - 1973 then many years in the Oil Exploration business. Married in 1982 to Teleia Gardeniere y Acosta, now live on an island in the Pacific Northwest. Wife is artist and has a gallery and studio on the island, I am a General Contractor fixing up houses. No kids but two Scotties, Dougall and Taggart. Sad to read of the many cases of vandalism and rowdyness in Montrose. My Granny lived in Baltic Street and I remember it as being a quiet part of the town. I had read that the drunken yobs were causing problems in that part of town, so sad.

Yvonne Geyer

I live in Australia and I am doing family history research into the Taylor family. My grandfather John Samuel Lawrence Taylor was born in Montrose, and he came to Australia in the late 1920s. His father, John, married Mary Jane Dawson (also from Montrose)and his father, James, married Mary Ann Nicol in 1841. Other people who married into the Taylor family were, Dickson, Strachan, Petrie, Stevenson, West, Murchie, Crawford, Crow. Any information would be absolutely wonderful! We would love to be in touch with anyone who has a connection with us. Email address is y_geyer@yahoo.com

Douglas Gibson

I am trying to contact any body who knew the GIBSON's who lived in Gibson Place, Montrose.Around the late 1800 and early 1900,s any information would be helpful in my family search. many thanks

Doreen Gordon

i lived in montrose all my younger life...then moved to aberdeen...but visit my mum and sister almost every weekend in montrose...my dad is very well known around the golf club...after writing several books on montrose...william coull

Grant Graham

because of my family history I am interested in Montrose and will one day visit. Have a nice day...PS why doesnt Montrose FC win much?

John Blackie Hampton

born and raised in Montrose,by Nora Blackie,and William Dakars Hampton.looking for relatives,I'm in Canada with all my children

dean hampton

dose anyone know where i could go on my pit bike when i get it i would be willing to pay for use of a field thanks please get back to me.

Billy Harkins

My name isbilly harkins we lived at 87 high st locarno close from 44 to 54 went to north links mum and dad started the local canoe club at the shipyard with some friends we now live in canada toronto since 67 my wife and i were home last may and spent a week in dundee tried to get up to montrose to see my old friend len mackie and phillip canale but due to timing we could not make it but who knows some time soon my younger brother eddie was born at charlton house 1950 at present lives in england im glad we found the web site as a lot of fond memories of montrose i will close for now get in touch billy

Bruce Herschell

I attended North links primary until 1975 then went to the academy where i left in 79. i used to live in rutland cresent with my granparents Kathleen & James Herschell, and my twin sister Angela. i have only been back since i left, for my nana's funaral. If anyone remembers me or my sister, it would be nice to find out what my old friends are up to

Ernest Herschell

Ernest Herschell

Hi I left Montrose in 1953 and only been back once since them. I will be making a trip soon to look over my old address in Rutland Cres (28)anyone remember me

anne holberton/copland nee Burnett

Born 1927 to David and Margaret Burnett. Served in the WRNS for three years married Ernie Copland l949 Ken Born 1950 Gordon born 1952 Emigrated l958 to South Australia been back six times loved visiting. New on the web would like to hear from Montrosians who knew me. Many years after Ernie's death I married Brian Holberton who passed away in 1992. He also loved Montrose and visited three times. I have a great-graddaughter Mia Jade Copland born to Ken's son Scott and Brooke. Still interested in watercolour painting. Taught by John Miles. Current member of WRNS Association London so still keep in touch.

Malcolm Howe

Just found this site & thought I would add my tuppence-worth: Born in 1964. lived in Gindera Rd (Opposite the Distillery)Attended North Links 'till '75 then Lochside 'till '77 (Teachers: Mr.Smith then Mr. Woods). Afterwards the Academy until I left half way thru 3rd year in late '81. Moved to Dundee for a few years then Glasgow. Been in France for many years and just last year moved to Belgium.... Gotta follow the money :-) Work as a IT Server Specialist/Consultant. Married with a teenage daughter. Never been back to Montrose in about 15 years, but would love to again soon. Would love to hear what any old school mates are up to. I have an old pmy 4 class photo but can't remember everyone's names unfortunately.........maybe old age :-)So if anyone wants to, feel free to email me.

Sheena Innes nee McAndrew

I was born in Ferry Street in 1930 moved to South Wales in 1949.I attended the Southesk school and then the Townhead I worked in the co-op in George St and Murray St.I well remember the Locarno dances Bella Hay' Glory Adams, and dear old Bertie Littlejohn,I have many very happy memories of my childhood in Montrose I couldn't have chosen a better place to grow up in.If there is anyone of my generation who would like a chat about the old days please feel free to e-mail me


I went to the southesk school from 1947 to 1954, the big Academy until 1957 and then to the Coventry Gauge & Tool for a 5 year apprenticeship. Left for Canada in 1963. Presently working at the Marshall Space Flight Centre in Huntsville, Alabama. Cousin of Ian & Kenneth Jensen and Linda Gordon. Visited Mum in King street last week, September 2005. Stayed with brother Eric in Aberdeen. Enjoyed the visit so much. Re-living my youth in the Westie Park. Would be nice to hear from old friends from the Boy's Brigade. Reading this, Waxy?

ian jensen

Ian Jensen

I Was Born And Brought Up In Montrose And Spent Some Time In Slough England And Livingstone Scotland. But Still Love Montrose The Best Especially The Beach On A Sunny Day.The Best Beach In Scotland.We Spent All Our School Holidays There In The 50,s My Brother And I HAVE A Duo Called Mandate Which Has Been Performing For A Number Of Years.Before That It Was K.J.B. Before That Macbeth Periscope, Before That The Blackhawks.And Even Further Back Ray Starr And The Astronoughts.

james jensen

Jenny Johnston

I grew up in Montrose, attended North Links and Montrose Academy. I worked for the Trustee Savings Bank. After living in USA for 35 years, I returned to Montrose a few years ago. I am happy to be back in Scotland


Went to college, doing business studies. Never had a job. never worked. still lying idle . aged 42 . still waiting for a job

mandy keay

Hi Im mandy keay nee Mckay.I'm now 37,and still in Montrose..looking to hear from anyone that can remember me to catch up on gossip, family and old friends.

susan keith

I was born in Montrose in 1960 , my parents took me back to Jamaica when i was 3 months old , where we lived untill 1976 . We spent a short time in Liverpool , then moved to Toronto Canada. Went back often as a cild to see my grandparents ....... my heart will alwaysbe in Montrose !!!! It would mean alot to my Dad JOHN KEITH , born March 1930. His parents ( my grans ) Charlie & Mary Keith who lived on Bents road,And also Aunty Francis & Aunty Elsie Potter at17 Bents Road . Dad left Montrose to go and work for his uncle , JOHN POTTER in Guyana , where he met and married my Mom , JOAN MITCHELL ( Another story ) My Dad would love to come home to Montrose. It would thrill him to hear from someone who knew him or his family . Thank-you

Sally Kraus

I liked your site.

William Kroll

I would like to contact Elizabeth the daughter of Ian Fowler, and the the relatives of Dave Fowler. I am the Grandson of John Fowler. My wife and I will be in stonhaven from 5 August 2006 thru 9 August 2006.

june laidlaw

hi been away from montrose now for 12 years. my sons robert and steven are still living there, ive been back a few times visiting my sister sandra. my dad dennis owns veg shop in murray street.

Jacqueline Lang

STRACHAN: I'm trying to find out if I have any family members still alive in Montrose.My grandfather was born there and was a police officer.He moved to Greenock and married Caroline and they had 2 kids, Robert and Ellen.Unfortunately I didn't meet my dad until a couple of years ago and he died suddenly so I didn't get a chance to find out much about any relatives that might still live there.I would be very greatful for any information anyone can give me.

daniel lavigillante

hi names daniel and im 21. I work in sunnyside hospital as a nursing assistant. hobbies include fishing. computers and computer gaming. my car and attending various car shows. and a good old drunken saturday night. Dont know how much i'm welcome to this site as i'm one of the local cruisers or "boy racers" as we are usually reffered to. I think montrose is a great place but think the attitude towards the cruisers is awful, most people would find if they spoke to us about problems they have with us i.e foolish driving etc they would find that the large majority of us are actually decent law abiding people and its a small minority of idiots who are creating our bad reputation. but not to worry because a few of us are setting up what will be known as cruisers union montrose, and it will include legal advice for the cruisers and possibly representation to deal with people who pick on us and bad mouth us when we are not there to defend ourselves. If people want to fight wiith us instead of reasnobly discussing problems then thats exactly what will happen.

sarah ley

fit like, kind of hoping any of you locals can help me with any info regarding the Ley family? dOing research into family tree. yup im lucky enough to be one by birth, any gems and snipets of info would be good. st. johns cottages features a lot in old records...please help. sarah

sarah ley

Sharon Logan { Nee TAYLOR }

Hi I am doing my family history and my paternal family came from Montrose. I would greatly appreciate anyone getting in contact who has information on my GRT, GRT, GRT Grandfather James Taylor who was a BROKER from around 1830 - 1870. He was born around 1812, parents were John Taylor and Elisabeth Hanton. He married Mary Ann Nicol in 1841 and died in 1870. Any information on the HANTON'S and NICOL'S would also be hugely appreciated. I can be contacted through my email address provided. James and Mary had a son James Taylor born around 1846. He married his 2nd wife Jessie Ann Elder Hutton in Montrose in 1873 - Jessie's parents were William Hutton (Cloth Inspector) and Jane Gillan - If anyone has information on the HUTTON's please get in touch. I am already in contact with Yvonne Geyer(Aus) and Alison Taylor, who are posted on this site and we have established where we all fit in the family and now keep in touch with each other.

Isabella Longmuir

I attended the Southesk School, and then Montrose Academy, my brother is Alex Longmuir and we used to live in New Wynd when we were kids. Is there anybody remember me or my family?

Blair Lunan

Hello out there any-one from Montrose now living around the world. My wife Beryl & I have been living here in Nz for 40 years now.Initially in Wellington but moved to Christchurch in 1974. I am married with three of a family.Debbie is 36,married to Rob with two kids.Fiona,a twin is 34 & marrie4d to Isaac & living in La Nucia,Spain.They have a wee girl Lucy,1 year old. Graeme her twin brother is living in Rivetton ,Sydney Australia & his partners name is Debs. It would be good to hear from anyone if yoiu have the time. I was at the Southesk 1948-1950 then at the big academy 1950 to 1953.Thereafter I served my time at Coventry Gauge & tool in Brechin & going to night classes in Arbroath & Dundee Did national service in RAF from 1958 before returning to Montrose 2 years later then moved to Bristol where I worked at British Aircraft before emigrating to NZ We have been back to Montrose several times over the past 40 years. It would be good to catch up with any of the old faces from the past. Blair

Iain Macdonald

Hello, I was born in Montrose in 1955 to Catherine Macdonald (nee McLennan) and John Macdonald. My granny was Helen McLennan (nee Balneaves) and my granda was Harry McLennan, who was the harbourmaster in the late 1950's and died at his post. I went to the Southesk School where Mrs. Madgett, Miss Coull and Mrs. Alves all had their hands full with me. I was introduced to Mr. Dewar's strap a few times as well. We lived in Orange Lane underneath Mick and Dot Thornton, who emigrated to New Zealand, and along from Tam and Ina Lochhead. My sister Isla was born in 1959, and she went to the North Links. Our family emigrated to Canada in 1966 and have been here ever since. I was back in Montrose in 2000, shortly after my dad died. I was able to show my son Johnathan that the places I had been telling him about really do exist. I don't think he believed me up to then. Montrose was a great place to grow up, and I'm very glad to find this website. I look forward to hearing from anyone who might remember me.

Lesley Macfarlane

Living in California.

Lesley Macfarlane

Living in California for the past 25 years. Sister is still in town along with four nephews. I visit every so often.

colin macgregor

just found this website my parents names is Ian and evelyn nee mathers macgregor Ihave recognised some names on your register and hope to email some of them as soon as possible i have a brother named Ian nicknamed toorie would love to here from anybody who remembers us I was born in orange lane and later moved to christies lane attened north links and academy

alison macnaughton

my mum is alison auger nee macnaughton born in montrose 1949 went to montrose acedemy moved to oxfordshire in 1960's married with 2 children if any 1 knew her then please get in touch via me (her daughter)

alison macnaughton

my mum is alison auger nee macnaughton born in montrose 1949 went to montrose acedemy moved to oxfordshire in 1960's married with 2 children if any 1 knew her then please get in touch via me (her daughter)

John Macpherson

I sent introductory note recently but did not include my e-mail address and no way of being contacted. I know quite a few ex Montrosians who have written in. Perhaps someone will remember me as I attended the Southesk school. I lived in Segate to the locals "See-gatay" untill 1959. I was a member of St Georges YPA and Montrose Town band. I also worked with Brown (Blacksmith)for a few years. I still live in Montrose and still work locally.

John Macpherson

I ommited my e-mail address in my previous letter. It is johnmacpherson12@aol.com I hope to hear from anyone who knows me.

john martin

I started Montrose Academy primary school in (wait for it) 1955! Joined the Merchant Navy in 1966, transferred to the oil industry ( supply vessels - driving them around) and came ashore ( swallowed the anchor) in 1979 to pursue a career in the oil industry in the Marine/Logistics arena's . Now as a Consultant / Contractor /to Oil industry after 20 yr career with Elf Oil trying to get rich! And living in Aberdeen, trying to support 3 kids who are now adults literally ( Louise 29, Sarah 26 and Sandy 17) There is a saying up up here about ' KIPPERS' - Kids in Parents Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings - this applies to me . In schooldays I remember the following family's:Beatons - (Alistair is on the website), Stalkers, Dow's, Socha's, McFarlanes, Valentines, Stobo's, McManuse's, Browns, Bradfords, Burness's, Smiths, and many more others. Getting the Montrose Review every week helps me keep in touch with whats going on. A great town - I regularly go back with the family to 'check things out' My Mum is still around - age 84 and my Dad was Hugh Martin - a solicitor & the family home was 27 Mount Road. Keep in touch fellow Montrosians. - John Martin

Jock Mathers

My name is Jock but most people will remeber me as Jocky. A former member of Southesk primary (1968-75) I then grew up and attended Montrose academy where I met a certain woman that I want to get in contact with... Elizabeth McEwan. If you are out there PLEASE email me. I have recently moved to Canada to stay with my wife's parents.We have five wonderful children. Aged 14+. If anyone was at school with me and wishes to get in contact please do.

Neal Mathers

I lived in Montrose from 1957-1970, attending Montrose Academy. My late father was the Rev.J.Alan C.Mathers, the minister of St.Georges and Trinity Parish Church. My mother was Dr.Catherine Mathers. I have a twin brother, Douglas, and two younger siblings Alan and Irene. They live in the Glasgow area, I've lived in Canada since 1977. I'm married with two grown daughters and we're proud grandparents.

Lynn McFarlane nee McWalter

Attended Southesk Primary, then Academy from 1971 - 1976. Worked in Willie Lows until 1981, then moved to Brighton. After a few years there headed north again and have been just down the road in Arbroath since 1984. Have worked at Angus College since 1997.

Robert Taylor McHardy


anne mcintosh

Went to Southesk School then on to Montrose Academy until 1964. Moved to southern England in 1970 where I still am. I am a widow and have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. Still working! Look forward to hearing from anyone who remembers me.

Kit McIver

I'm fairly new to Montrose and still learning about the place - it's a lovely town and somewhere I comfortably call home only 3yrs in. I'm currently tracing my family tree and am trying to find out information on the furniture shop McIvers. I haven't yet found out for sure, but have been lead to believe our side are from Lewis, I'm wondering if we stopped in Montrose on our way to Liverpool ! Any history on the shop would be great to know about, relation or not.

alex mearns


Jean Middleton

I lived in Caladonia Street in 1950 - 1959 and then when my mother died moved down to live in London where I still live. Many happy memories of Montrose.

Jaimi Milne

My Grandmother Janet was from Montrose, she was a Milne and lived on Wharf street. She was born in 1920 and had brothers and sisters called: Bert, Donald, Lizzie and Meg. I cannot remember her fathers name but I think her mother was called Eliza. They lived in the tenement blocks. After world war II she moved down to Hinckley In Leicester. She then she came back in 1966 then decided to go back to Hinckley in 1978/79. She had 2 children Jeanette and Ann whos surname was Adamson, she had twins Heather and Sandra then Gail whos surname was kendall. Her final husband whom she had met in Hinckley then moved to Montrose was Tom Morris, they owned a chip shop on Castle street from 1966-1976. Janet has recently passed away and I am trying to trace her life in Montrose and find out if anyone can remember her. If anyone knows anything about her or her family then please reply.

John Milne

I was recently looking at my family history files and am looking for kin in Montrose. My Great-Great grandparents, George Edwards (the last hand loom weaver in Montrose per a newspaper atticle)and Margaret Edwards(nee Ivory)had 9 children and lived in Montrose (27 Lower Hall St about 1911). Their Children are George, Mary, Bella, Kate, Jean, James, David, Meg and Elizabeth. Would love to hear from a distant relative.

Alex Milne

Lived in Montrose from 1938 to 1946. Attended Wee Academy. Ancestors from Montrose, Usan, Ferryden, Edzell, and Benholm. Researching the following families: Milne, Dakers, Pert, Jaffray, West. Now living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Interested in hearing from old school chums or family tree researchers.

Jaimi Milne-Paton

Janet Milne my Grandmother was born in Montrose in November 1920 and lived on Wharf street in the tenement blocks and then in the 1950ís at 13 Patons Lane. She had two brothers named Bert and Donald and two sisters named Lizzie and Meg. I cannot remember her fatherís name but her motherís name was Eliza. Janet had five children, Jeanette and Ann whose surname was Adamson, twins Heather and Sandra and finally Gail who all shared the surname of Kendall. Janetís husband Tom Morris whom she had met in Hinckley, Leicestershire owned a chip shop on Castle street from 1966-1976 next door to Roberts Bakery. Janet sadly passed away in 2003 and I am trying to trace her life in Montrose and find out if anyone can remember her. If anyone knows anything about her or my family then please feel free to email me. j@thepatons.myzen.co.uk


I was born in Montrose in 1955 and lived in Provost Reids Rd ,went to South Esk Infants and then primary school. I left in 1966 to move to England. My father was in the Lifeboat Institution and Mum was a nurse , Eric & Peggy Hudson. I am desperately trying to find my best friend from school, Lillian Anderson she used to live by the basin. Please email me if you remember me. Katriona.milroy@BTopenworld.com

arlene mischle


Eileen Montague. (Coull)

Moved from California to Arizona in may of 2003. We now live in Goodyear, which is about 20 miles west of Phoenix. Does anyone from the Montrose area live near here?

Diane Morris Wiltshire

Hello, My maiden name is Diane Morris, moved to the states back in 1968..from a family of 5..Tom, Jean, Ella and Elaine..Mum was Jean Morris.. I'm now living in Tucson Az, and planning a trip back This Sept..anyone remember me?? I lived on Thompson Terrace and went to Southesk Elementary....

Diane Morris Wiltshire

Barbara Murray Roberson

Born 1958, older daughter of Ian and Stroma Murray, sister of Hilary. Married Larry Dec.1980 and moved to US.1981. Two daughters , Caroline and Lesley, one grandson Dylan, and a granddaughter on the way 10/27/07. Live near State College, Pa. If there are any Montrosians in the vicinity e-mail at plrobeson@comcast.net.Dire lack of Scots in this area!

claire nunn

im looking for any old photos anyone might have of my dad and his brother.Their names are Arthur John Nunn and Alex Charles Nunn. They where born in Ferryden and grew up there and then Hillside. Its my dadx 60th birthday mid july and i would love to surprise him with some old memories. my email is claire.ocotber21@hotmail.co.uk i would love to hear from any one who remembers them. thanks claire

claire nunn

hi everyone i was born in montrose in october 1974. i lived there for ayear before moving and being brought up in glasgow. my Dad was born there and grew up in ferryden and then hillside his name is Arthur Nunn and he has a brother Alex Nunn. Does anyone remember them? thanks claire x

Harriet .Jane Oakes ( Hampton )

Joined the RAF 1967,married in 1971,now have four children and eight grand-children. Living in Wigan/Lancashire.

Christine Peel

Hi, my name is Christine Pee (nee West) and my great grandfather (maternal) was Robert Stewart (born 1811) from Montrose. I have found a medal presented to a Robert Stewart in 1881 for saving life from a shipwreck. Any information regarding the shipwreck would be appreciated and possibly about Robert Stewart as I think it is unlikely to be my great grandfathe as he would have been 70 years old. Coming to Scotland later this year (2005) and hope to reseach the Stewart side of the family. I know the Stewart line married the McBain (or McBean)and went on to marry into the West family living in Blairgowrie (Euphemia and John). My e-mail is n1cmp@yahoo.com. Thanks in anticipation.

Robert Penman

Born in Charlton maternity home 1n 1952.Just retired after being a police officer in Toronto Canada for 30 years.I need to return for a visit one of these days and possibly bring my 37 year old wife..lol She is German/Austrian..It amazes me that we all intermix so much..She and I have no shared heritage but had a desire to show each other where we came from...


I was born in Arbroath but lived in 19 Mount Road in the 1950's, with my grandfather, James Gray, living at 25. He won so many prizes with his competitons he entered. I remember him telling me he was a cabinet maker for a long time in Montrose, before that, a ropemaker. I wonder if anyone remembered the Grays at 25? The lighting was from gas lights on the chimney breast, a sink was in the front window, the main bedroom was at the back with one attic room being the sleeping area for his five children, one of whom was my mother, Doris. Oh, how well off we are these days!

Stewart Pinkerton

Lived here from 1950 (when I was three) to 1972, when I got married and moved away. Many fond memories of small town seaside life and school friends, plus of course we all remember the great teachers - Tom Long and Charles Myles for me, along with many others - messrs Socha, Shepherd, Cowie and Smeaton, not forgetting the formidable 'Nan the Man', from whom I learned a standard of English seldom seen today, alas. My father was Gavin Pinkerton, well known golfer and local worthy.

Lee Regan

CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE ..i am the owner of 31 John Street Montrose, Angus(top floor flat) . I am told there is problems with deeds going back in time with regards to the cellars .I was told and had it registered that i own a cellar and was locked out by a neighbour so i am trying to trace former owners of the property as a matter of urgency . If you know of the where abouts of previous owners or an actual previous owner could you please contact me on leeregan@btinternet.com. The names on the deeds cover elizabeth deans lyall or low , kerrs , also last known owner was an ALAN DUNCAN Mitchell.

Graham Reid

Would like to contact John Martin but he didnt leave E Mail address

debbie robb

Born and bred in Montrose!Have three grown up sons, about to get married again - Scary stuff!currently working at Tesco.. Looking to move to a hotter climate in the very near future! please get in touch to all who know me, especially all my old school friends;-))

derek robb

lived in ferryden and rossie island. moved to america in 1968. anyone who remembers me please get in touch.

raymond robb

"HIGH! With a little help from my friends" This is the infamous Tiller Robb. I know a shedload of Montrosians and vice versa. I'm currently content, repatriated and reliving my childhood after spending 32 years in La-La Land. Jimmy Smith is still alive & well, no more Brattizani's though - what a pisser.

Struan Robertson

Living in London, moved away from Montrose in 1985/6.

albert rodger

Hell I was born and brought up in Montrose went to the soothie the the toonie and academy. would like to find a girl called Ethel Murdock was in my class up to 1953 she moved from the town dont know hwere to but would be nice to see her after all this time

albert rodger

Hello i was born in ferry street and went to the soothie then the toonie and academy. Would be nice to find a girl called Ethel Murdock as i have not seen her since 1953. She used to stay in ferry street just across the road from me. if any one knows her please let me know

Donna Ross

Hi. I live in Montrose much of my life and lived there until 1992. I now live in Delaware on the East Coast of the US. I would love to hear from old friends.

Lynda Rossi

I was born in montrose in 1966. Known as Lynda Guinan back then. Went to Southesk Primary School during the 70s then left in 78 for Australia after my mum Margaret re-married Syd Duncan. Have some great school photos but unfortunately can't remember all names, in the same class as Tracy Watson, William White, Wilma Anderson, can't remember surnames for these people who were also in my class- willy, james, kevin,richard, elizabeth, Donna, barbara, melanie,linda, aileen, amanda and marie. Remember Clare Lumb and Sandra Forte also in my class. Hoping someone reads this and remembers me. My mum worked at the telephone exchange, grandad was Johnny Hynd a local postie. My uncle John Hynd and cousins still live in area. Would be great to contact anyone who knows or remembers anything. I am now 40 married and divorced with a lovely 7 year old son, living happily in oz. Hi to all montrosians hope to hear from you.

Syd Rowe

I am from New Zealand and when I visited Montrose back in 1971 and worked at the Playhouse Cinema as Chief Projectionist. I would like to find any of the staff that were there then, the Manager was Bill McIntosh and one of the young Projectionists working there was Ian. Is the Cinema still there or like many others turned into a multi-plex or demolished.

Dionne Scheffler

Hi my name is dionne i am from edinburgh me and my family went camping in a lovely camp site just befor montrose while we were there the town had there donkey derby on and my boys loved i was just wondering if there is anyone that can let me know when it is on again as we would love to go again as the town and its beach was lovely thanks for your help. Dionne from edinburgh

Dan Schultz

Hello, Montrose! I was stationed at RAF Edzell in 1966 & 67. I played tube in the Montrose Town Band for a bit. My wife and I visted Montrose for two weeks six years ago. You have a spendid town. I still play tuba in a half-dozen bands. Visit my web site at http://thevillagetinker.com. Give Jim Eastman at The Montrose Town Band my best regards.

colin scott

hi just found this site i grew up in montrose, well up to the age of twelve anyway,i think it was in belnorrie creasant im not sure of the spelling then i moved to addicate farmhouse on the outskirts of town.I used to go to a brilliant school all two classrooms of it called dun school (roughly between 83 to 88) we had two fulltime teachers called mrs bruce & mrs forsythe if anybody used to go there and is still around let me no. really miss montrose would love to visit the place soon!

Sylvia Simonsen (nee Rink)

Born in Montrose 1950. Lived on North Street till 1960 before moving to Christies Lane. Married a US Navyman and left Montrose in 1968. Now living in California, east of San Francisco. Have some fond memories of old friends from the North Links School: Harriet Jean Hampton, Edna Valentine, Margaret Milne, Isobel Taylor, Dorothy Massey. Fond memories of old friends from Christies Lane and my Academy days: Marion Ritchie, Christine Ritchie, George(Doddie)Johnston. Would love to hear from any of you!

Sylvia Simonsen (nee Rink)

Still living east of San Francisco. Married 38yrs to Arne. Three children Arne Jr 37, Deborah Anne 34 and Scott 33. Grandchild Brooke age 7 and another on the way, due Sept 2006.

Sylvia Simonsen (nee Rink)

Still living east of San Francisco, California. Enjoying the cooler weather now. Have a new grandaughter, Isabella Cierra born August 26th 2006, a sister for 7yr old Brooke Raine. Arne's running for the State Assembly Nov 7th. I work in retail, as always.

Kevin Simpson

Trying to trace my great-grand father, Thomas Simpson. Born in Montrose around around 1850's. I have been told that he was a fireman? He left Montrose for the Island of Mauritius and never returned. Does anyone have any conncetions? He may have had brothers and sisters? Many thanks.

Nicola Sinclair

use this email address! nicolasinclair@hotmail.com

Nicola Sinclair

I went to Borrowfield Primary and Montrose Academy (1981 - 85), moved to Leeds. Would love to hear from anyone who attended the schools.

Nicola Sinclair

my email is : nicolajsinclair:yahoo.co.uk

mark sith

my email is bigsmitty18@comcast.net.feel free to write a line


does any body now this man Alexander James Campbell Cramond he used to live at 32 Glenogil Street Montrose or his sister Alison and Norma his brother David and Alistar .



Morag (Katherine) Smith

I was born in Montrose in 1952 but my family moved in 1955. I spent many happy holidays at my grandparent's home in Paton's Lane Montrose in the years after that. I'm looking for any news of my Aunt Margaret (Gardner), born c 1932 to Margaret (Granny Smith) and William H G Smith (Piper) of Hillside.

Cindy Smith

I am a decendant of the Thomsons who lived at Cabbage Row on North Esk Road Montrose (Francis Thomson & Elizabeth Napier). My great grandfather - Alexander (alec) thomson moved to Australia, and I am now researching my family history. keen to hear from anyone researching the family or who might have photos to share of the family.

Peter Steers

Interested in the history of Patons Mill and flax industry around Montrose. Can anybody help please.

David Stewart

Left Townhead at easter 1953.. Started work in Kings Cinema and at times in Playhouse... Now living in Pertshire.

David Stewart

Lived at Barns of Craig and Usan...Left Townhead school 1953... Started work in Kings cinema....Any one out there dave@davandra19.wanadoo.co.uk

janette (Janet) Stewart (McDonald)

Moved to Montrose in 1959 where my father (John McDonald) had a tobaconist opposite the steeple. I worked in Browns Blacksmiths office and at the US Naval base Edzell. I used to go dancing at the loc and the Rosemount rooms. Would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me.

janette (Janet) Stewart (McDonald)

For anyone who wishes to contact me, my email address is jan_oamaru@yahoo.co.uk

Pauline Stewart (now McCann)

Born 1955. Went to the Soothie and the Academy. Worked in the Library until I married and moved 22 miles south to Carnoustie. Now Dundee University Library staff. I have 2 grown up girls, still with us at home. My Mum & Aunt are still going strong-ish so I am in town quite a bit. It would be really great if anyone who remembers me were to drop me an email.

Helen Stewart-Watt

Hi I was born in Dunfermline, but my father Alexander Stewart was born in Ferryden. My mother Elizabeth (nee Souter) was born in Johnshaven. I visited Montrose in 1972/73 visiting my Aunts Rachel Curry and Winnie cant remember her last name. If anyone has any information regarding the Stewart's of Ferryden, I would greatly appreciate it. My grandfather was George and my grandmother was Helen (nee Paton), they had three sons George, Alexander (my father) and Robert. I currently live in Adelaide in South Australia and would appreciate any information.

Aaron Stoker

Dundee College doing HN in Business

Elizabeth Stone (Wilson)

My maiden name is Elizabeth Wilson, known as Betty or Bette. I was born in Montrose and went to North Links School ( 1942- 1948) and then Montrose Academy until 1952. When I left school I went to work in Woolworths. I would love to hear from any friends or relatives.

Steven Graham Talcott

My mother is Margaret Graham, she is in her 60's. I am one of her nine children in America. I also have a Uncle John Graham, in Montrose, I think. I am looking for some family of the Graham's, please email if you have any pictures or information on my family.

Alison Taylor

Looking for members of the Taylor family from Montrose; particularly any descendents of James Taylor and Mary Ann Nicholl who were married in Montrose in 1841. Would love to hear from any family members.

Helen Taylor-Hamilton

I am searching for all known relatives of John Samuel Lawrence Taylor and his wife Christina Wright who immigrated to Australia from Scotland in the late 1920's and settled in Marrickville NSW Australia. Any information regarding my above grandparents would be appreciated.


Would love to hear from anyone who used to live in Hillside who remembers the family. Used to live there with my gran Sarah and grandad Charles, and my Dad Raymond and sister Tit, before moving down South to London. I am now happily married and have a teenage daughter. If anyone remembers either myself or the family please get in touch: e-mail address: michellesquires@btinternet.com

Richard Thomson

I work as an Ocean export Co-ordinator for Eagle Global Logistics in Nottinghamshire, I used to come up every year to see my Gran until her untimely dimise. I am looking for family / friends that could still live around the area as i have lost touch over the years. if anyone has information that regards to Elizabeth 'Betty' Thomson or family please let me know.

John Thornton

I was born in Montrose in 1958 and went to South Esk School my family immigrated to New Zealand in 1970 my mothers name is Ellen and my fathers name Is Rab brother Bob and sister Yvonne. I live in Pukekohe Auckland New Zealand with my wife Sheryn and 3 boys Brad,Mark and Kurt. I went back to Scotland in 1975 to have a look around not much had changed. Went to school with David Wood, neil watt thats all i can remember.

Abe Torkelton

Steven&Emma; Unknown

Hello, we are in 4th year at Montrose Academy at the mo. Hello to Pippa, Ashley, Rach, Jade, Vikki and John. eMMA IS IN LOVE WITH A CERTAIN YOUNG MAN IN HER YEAR!

Tom Valentine

03/05/07 I will be shortly moving away from the area after spending all my life in Montrose and Ferryden. To let you know I can still be contacted on my same email address, and will still be collecting vintage postcards from the Montrose and district areas.

Pita Walker-Robinson

Pita Walker-Robinson

My ancestry is from Montrose. Hope to visit.

fiona weiher

HI I check this list often and have met lots of old friends through it. I worked in montrose Parrs Salon and Camerons Drapers danced at the loc went to movies at both movie theaters I lived in Graham Cresent. Now live in minnesota usa my sis lives here too our maiden name was Black

Rob West

Hello does anyone know of or have any information on the West family that used to live in Erskine Street, Montrose in the 1930s-1950s.

Rob West

21.12.07 Does anyone have any information or know anyone who worked at Buchan&Coull; building firm around 1948-1953, they were based in Montrose. Thanks

Gordon Wheatley

I lived and worked in Montrose in the 1970s/80s (Sea Oil Base) and offshore, and made many friends. Many happy memories and what a wonderfull place. I hope to visit again one day. I now live and work in the South of England but Montrose will always stay in my memory

Caroline White

I am trying to research my family tree, members of whom lived in Montrose in the 18th and 19th century. My great grandfather was Charles Dunlop (b.1837) who married Emma Ching (or Chinn)from Belfast. His parents were Alexander Dunlop (b? and d.1840) and Elizabeth, nee Cheyne, (b.1814) I don't know who Alexander's parents were, but Elizabeth's were Robert and Sarah (nee Herd). If anyone can help me fill in some of the gaps, I would be very grateful.

David Whyte

Hi. Just a quick flyer to anyone who remembers me. Do get in touch if you want. My e-mail address is thewhytes@hotmail.com Born 1955 went to the North Links primary school then the Academy then Paisley Teck. Moved to East Kilbride in 1977 then to Rugby in 1981 where I've been ever since. Times up will add a little when ever I can.

Winnie Winkfein

Born 1954,attended north links then went on to the montrose academy.After leaving school attened dundee college of commerce.Then started nurses training at Sunnyside hospital.Graduated nurses training 1975.Married Larry Winkfein he was stationed at Edzel base.We have two daughters Sacha the eldest is married and lives in dallas Texas.The youngest laura lives in Denver Colorado.My mother still lives in Montrose Jean Connell.I try and get back to Montrose every 2 years.Like many of you my heart will always love Montrose,but i love my life in North dakota even with the cold winters.Anyone who remembers me can email me weescot@gra.midco.net

John Wishart

I live on the East Coast of Canada and have just returned with my family after a trip to Montrose. I am interested in hearing from anyone with information on my family history. My great-great grandfather, Benjamin Wishart, left Montrose to join his uncle, John Wishart, in New Brunswick, I think in the 1830s. I have traced my family back to James Wishart, born in Montrose, 1747. E-mails greatly appreciated: wishix@nb.sympatico.ca

Jacky Wollaston

I am currently tracing my family tree. My mother was born in Rossie Island and lived at 36 South Esk Street and 12 Riverside Road. She attended South Esk Primary and then the Academy. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers her. Her name was Myra Maxwell, born in 1926. - Thanks, Jacky
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